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Landmark Information Group and Net Zero Now strategic partnership sets a clear path for sustainability in the property sector

10th July 2024

An innovative collaboration aiming to empower firms on their path to Net Zero emissions.


SLS Platinum Patron Landmark Information Group has announced a new strategic partnership with carbon action specialists, Net Zero Now, to support businesses across the property sector in their pursuit of sustainability success.


This collaboration aims to empower property professionals on their sustainability journey and help businesses to achieve net zero emissions, whilst also nurturing the culture of environmental responsibility within the sector and beyond.


This announcement marks an exciting new chapter in Landmark Information Group’s mission to lead the industry toward Net Zero. Building on the success of last year’s launch of Landmark’s Sustainability Training Services—which equips firms with a deep understanding of climate change, empowering them to advise clients on climate-related issues, and develops essential skills for transitioning to a lower carbon economy—the partnership with Net Zero Now, brings expert support for meeting reporting requirements.


Net Zero Now is a climate action platform built on a series of industry-endorsed Sector Protocols, providing a clear and consistent methodology for measuring, reporting and reducing carbon emissions. For law firms for example, this is based on a methodology developed in partnership with Greener Litigation.


The climate action platform completes the service package needed to facilitate a Net Zero pathway. From initial training, education and support on knowing where to start, right through to platform delivery to quantify and manage a company’s carbon footprint and follow on consulting support. Together, Landmark and Net Zero Now are setting a dynamic new standard for sustainability in the property industry.


“Our partnership with Net Zero Now is a significant step forward in our commitment to the property and land sector and supporting property professionals on their sustainable journey. By combining our expertise and resources, we are not only helping to reduce carbon footprint but also foster a broader culture of environmental responsibility. This collaboration underscores our dedication to leading the industry towards a more sustainable future,” said Christopher Loaring, Group Sustainability Director, Landmark Information.


Neil Ross Russell, Managing Director of Net Zero Now, said: “We are delighted to partner with Landmark Information Group, a pioneering company who are playing a critical role as the world transitions to a more planet-positive future. Not only are they important advisers that can influence business leaders, but they also have all the skills and much of the knowledge to undertake or advise others as we move towards a Net Zero economy. Having an understanding of carbon accounting is the crux of getting to grips with emissions for most organisations. Good management of greenhouse gas emissions can only come after good measurement.”