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Participate in the Law Society’s TA6 Form Consultation

10th July 2024

Attention all SLS members! The Law Society is conducting a crucial consultation on the TA6 form, and your input is invaluable.


Background and Controversy

The TA6 form, an essential part of the property transaction process, has recently been a topic of significant debate. The recent amendments to the form have drawn criticism especially due to the lack of prior consultation with the profession before implementing these changes.


Our own SLS poll on the TA6 form 5th edition revealed that 74% of participants thought it should be dropped entirely, 23% believed it should be amended after consultation, and only 3% suggested it should be adopted as drawn. This highlights the strong sentiments within our community regarding the current version of the form.


For more background on the situation and the concerns raised by property lawyers, please read the briefing note from the Property Lawyers Action Group.


Why Your Input is Crucial

Given the controversy and the strong opinions within the profession, it is vital that our members participate in this consultation. Your practical experience and insights can help identify areas needing improvement, potential additions, or modifications. This is your chance to ensure that the form reflects the needs and realities of property transactions.


How to Participate

To participate, visit the Law Society’s consultation page: Sign Up to Take Part in TA6 Form Consultation.


The Law Society want to hear from you if you’re a solicitor, licensed conveyancer or other professional working in conveyancing and are:


  • using the TA6 form (5th edition) (2024)
  • using the TA6 form (4th edition, second revision) (2020)


If you would be interested in taking part in this research, you can enter your name and email in the named fields here by Friday 16 August 2023


The Law Society is working with research agency, 2CV Ltd, who will independently carry out direct member engagement exercises and a survey and analyse the feedback.