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Understanding Tenant Alterations: Legal Insights and Recent Case Law for UK Residential Conveyancers

12th September 2024
Live Webinar
12:30 - 13:30
Free of Charge(members), £35 plus VAT(non members)

Presenter: Tristan Salter, Five Paper


In the ever-evolving landscape of residential tenancies, tenant alterations to rental properties present a nuanced challenge for conveyancers. This webinar is tailored specifically for UK residential conveyancers, offering a deep dive into the legal aspects of tenant alterations and providing insights into recent case law that shapes this complex area. The agenda will include:

Introduction to Tenant Alterations:

Defining tenant alterations and their implications for conveyancing.

Overview of common types of alterations and modifications.

Legal Framework and Landlord Consent:

Understanding the legal obligations of tenants when seeking to make alterations.

Examining the role of landlord consent and its legal significance.

Case Law Analysis: Recent Developments:

Exploring recent landmark cases that have influenced the landscape of tenant alterations.

Extracting key legal principles and precedents from relevant judgments.

Drafting Airtight Lease Agreements:

Strategies for conveyancers to draft lease agreements that address tenant alterations comprehensively.

Key clauses to include for clarity and enforceability.

Assessing Structural Changes and Planning Permissions:

Navigating the legal landscape when tenants propose structural alterations.

Understanding the interplay between tenant alterations and planning permissions.

Practical Considerations for Conveyancers:

Balancing the rights of landlords and tenants in the context of alterations.

Real-world scenarios and best practices for conveyancers in handling alteration-related issues.


About Tristan Salter


Tristan has a busy Commercial Chancery practice combining his knowledge of the property, trusts and insolvency sectors.

Tristan accepts instructions in all aspects of property law with a focus on real property, leasehold and trusts of land. He is also able to advise on the frequent cross-over of property issues into the realm of company law or insolvency, advising on shareholder rights in property companies or the complex issues that emerge when a landlord or tenant has become insolvent.

From 1 September 2021 Tristan has been appointed to the Attorney General’s Civil C Panel of Counsel and acts for a range of Government departments on property, commercial and insolvency issues.

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